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Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Weight Loss Plans

Weight change

Written by:
Bernice Eker
Losing weight is one of the greatest concerns of society today. With this fact comes the reality that almost every day, a new program comes out. As a result, it is now difficult to find the right one among these many weight loss plans and the assurance of effectiveness is not guaranteed. In effect, the generally simple task of losing weight is made very difficult and complicated.

Here are some of the popular weight loss plans available. I would discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of each so that anyone wanting to lose weight could have a general idea of the different plans out there and arrive at a decision of what plan to follow.

The low-fat diet is the best and most effective weight loss plan IF properly followed. A low-fat diet program is a diet that is based on the notion that a reduction in the intake of fat along with regular physical activity would result in long-term weight loss. Thus, this kind of diet recommends meals with low fat or no fat at all.

The good thing about this diet is that it results in steady weight loss if properly set up or administered by an experienced weight loss and health professional. Unluckily though, there are many low-fat diet programs that recommends meals with very low fat content reduced to such a level that it becomes unhealthy for the individual. Some low-fat diets on the other hand, are more on the high-carbohydrate notion which is not good as well.

Most often also, low-fat diet plans do not yield results quickly. Fat loss is very slow as a result of the un-optimized meal programs and diet menus. Reiterating what I have mentioned earlier, the low fat diet is the most effective way of losing weight. The downsides mentioned are due to the incorrect way of administering the diet and not of the diet itself.

A high-protein diet recommends meals of high protein and low carbohydrate. This program is based on the principle that carbohydrates contributes greatly to fat accumulation and weight gain, thus, reducing its intake and replacing it with protein results in fat and weight loss. This diet would make you lose weight faster than the low-fat diet but is not very effective for long-term weight loss.

This diet is also healthy in the sense that it results in a steady blood sugar level. On the other hand, this weight loss plan which encourages a high consumption of protein equally means that it encourages a high consumption of saturated fats. This is very unhealthy as it increases the risk for heart-related diseases. In addition, since the amount of carbohydrates being consumed is very low, the burning of the fatty acids by the kidneys are very quick making them work overtime. This could lead to serious health disorders. Hence, I suggest that this weight loss plan be avoided.

The fixed-menu program provides you with a fixed list of meals that you are allowed to eat. Pros include the fact that since the food choices have already been selected for you, keeping count of the amount of calories would no longer be a problem for you.

However, since the food choices are very minimal, it is not very effective in the long run because the dieter tends to experience difficulty in following the program and slip to his old habits of eating whatever foods he wants. It could also be harmful in the sense that a balanced diet is not provided.

The best weight loss plan for you is the one that you can call a healthy program and at the same time, yield long term effects.

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