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Advice on gaining weight

Exercise Nutrition

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In today’s society, most focus is on the increasing problems with overweight. However, as well as there are people who want to lose weight, there are also people who want to gain weight/muscle mass. People that need to gain weight have to relate slightly differently to diet and exercise, than those who need a weight loss. Here are some tips on how to relate to diet and exercise if you want to increase your weight.

Healthy diet
Your diet has a crucial influence as to whether you are capable of increasing your weight. For this reason, it is a good start to follow the good advice on diet to the extent possible. It is especially important that you do not feel hungry if you wish to gain weight.

It is important that you eat plenty of high-quality proteins, especially if your goal is to gain weight. Protein is the building stone of your body, which is decisive for the ability of our muscles to grow. The best proteins are found in meat, poultry and fish. You can also use protein powder as an extra supplement if you exercise a lot.

Fat is one of the human’s most important energy source. If you want to gain weight, it is also important to gain enough energy from fat several times a day. Sources to high-quality fat are found in oily fish, nuts, seeds, egg and cold-pressed oils from e.g. coconuts and olives.

Exercise is important to everybody, but if you want to increase you body weight, strength training is a very good idea. Exercise with dumbbells provides you with more muscle mass, and can help you gain weight. Generally, you need to exercise with a relative heavy load, if you want to increase you muscle mass.

It is very important that you remember to drink plenty of water during your exercise, since a great amount of liquid evaporates from your body when you sweat. A good advice is to eat and drink immediately after you have exercised. In this way, you recharge your energy quickly and the muscles are restored faster.

In order to maintain your motivation of exercising, it might be a good idea to set some realistic goals, e.g. to gain 2 kilos within a couple of months. It might also be an advantage to make an exercise program, or receive help in composing one at a fitness centre. As an example, the program could consist of strength training 3 times a week, and possibly some cardiovascular training to strengthen your fitness and endurance.

Remember to rest
Remember to have a couple of resting days distributed over the week, in order not to over exercise. If you over exercise, you risk having injuries and you might have more difficulties in increasing your body weight and reaching your goal.

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