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Effective Six Pack Abs Cardio That Will Burn Tons of Belly Fat

Exercise Cardiovascular_training

Written by:
Christopher Stigson
If you are looking for a good cardio routine that lasts only 20 minutes this will be something for you. What you can do is really easy, and fun, but it will give you great results when done 3 times per week.

The secret with cardio is to mix it up a little bit. So that is exactly what we are going to do. Imagine yourself doing 2-3 different types of cardio each week 3-4 times per week. That is what you will need to be doing, so here is the first kind of cardio that really works.

Hill Intervals - The hill intervals can be a real killer when you do them, but they are also really effective. Here's how to perform this exercise.

Start at the bottom of a long hill, (preferably steeper the better you get) and run all the way to the top, then walk down slowly. Without resting go with all you got, one more time up the hill... and slowly walk down. Repeat this process for 6-12 reps. This will give you a deep burn in our muscles, and also get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and the body will burn fat like never before.

The second exercise is basic jobbing - This will not be new to anyone, but it still works. No matter what people are saying, jogging does still burn calories, but ,ostly while you are running, so it has little after burn effect. Yes it has some after burn, but not as much as weight training or interval training. You want to run about 2-3 miles each time you run, and then once a week put in a longer distance, such as 5-10 miles. I know, right... 5-10 miles? This guy is crazy. Well, if you do run that far you will burn approximately 800-1,200 calories which mostly is fat, but also some muscle.

The third exercise I like is jump rope combined with my weight training. When you are doing your resistance training, add 100-200 jumpropes in between sets. So if you are supersetting pushups and squats, when you have done push-ups and squats, you would jump 100 times with the jumprope. Then do the pushups and squats again.

This will extend your workout, but get you lots of great benefits! You will increase the metabolism with the weight training and you will burn the fat with the jumprope. Perfect combination and I personally think it's great fun!

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