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Healthy hints for active living

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As Americans age, staying healthy and as independent as possible is a big goal. Whether you suffer from a chronic ailment or the usual aches and pains brought about by the stresses of everyday life, there are plenty of health and wellness options to consider this year.


Consider helpful tools and practices that will help you live more actively, comfortably and with additional peace of mind. Always check with your doctor before beginning a new health or fitness program.


* Massage: Aches and pains are, unfortunately, signs of getting older. A massage can help you feel much better and enable you to be more active.


* Personal trainer or gym membership: There are many forms of exercise to choose from no matter your ability level. Consider enrolling in a yoga class, stretching class or starting sessions with a personal trainer. Staying active is a great way to help you stay healthy and live more comfortably.


* Empower yourself: Anyone with a chronic lung disease such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), emphysema or asthma knows how limiting a chronic respiratory disease can be - especially when you're worried about blood oxygen levels. But, staying active is important and monitoring blood oxygen saturation levels is made easy with a personal fingertip pulse oximeter such as Nonin Medical's GO2.


The GO2's accurate pulse oximetry technology is trusted by doctors worldwide and can help you better manage a condition like COPD. With reliable blood oxygen saturation readings, it can provide additional peace of mind during activities ranging from daily living to your supervised fitness program. A doctor can prescribe the GO2 during a patient visit.


* Eat healthy: Because so many medical conditions have diet restrictions, your diet may be somewhat limited. Try a new cookbook, ask your friends for recipe ideas or sign up for a cooking class, making sure that you stick with any diet restrictions you might have.


Make health and wellness a priority this year and reap the rewards of increased independence and peace of mind.

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