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Lottery on Seek4Fitness.net

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Seek4Fitness.net now offers you a chance to win an engraved iPod Shuffle.

With the iPod Shuffle you can easily record up to 500 songs in Mp3 format, the battery can hold up to 12 hours and with the clip it is easy to attach it to your clothes, it is so small and weighs so little, that you will not even feel it during your workout.

The competition functions as a lottery, in order to get a ticket you need to get a friend to join Seek4Fitness.net using Tell a Friend link, for each friend you convince to join Seek4Fitness.net, you get one lottery ticket, therefore the more friends you get to join Seek4Fitness.net, the bigger your chances of winning the engraved iPod will be!

The competition runs until the 20th of April.
Win iPod Shuffle from Seek4Fitness.net!

The competition is 100% FREE and all expenses for shipping and handling will be managed by Seek4Fitness.net
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