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Seek4Fitness is now taking a big leap towards becoming the world's best fitness community! The first renewal of the site is ready, with a comprehensive improvement of the training program! There have been added a lot of new exercises, the usability has been improved and we have added videos to enhance your experience when using the training program! In the new training program you can:
  • See videos of the exercises, which will make it easier to perform them correctly
  • Create an unlimited amount of exercises
  • Get access to 500 exercises
  • As a paying member get access to over 1000 exercises, in a database that is continuingly growing
  • Print out your training program
  • Get access to professional training programs composed by fitness instructors
  • Share your programs, and se other users training programs
Don't miss the opportunity to use the best and largest online collection of exercises for use in fitness centers, nature or at home!

Coming soon

We are constantly working to improve Seek4Fitness, so we may meet all of our users needs and become the greatest fitness community in the world! In the nearest future we are among others launching a running module, where you can create routes, save them, share them with other users, se other user's routes, measure your progress and much much more! Furthermore we are working on a nutrition and training log, that will make it easier to control your training, your progress, your weight and your diet - and therebye the log will be able to help you improve your results.
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