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Running on Seek4Fitness!

Running Exercise

Written by:
 New running module on Seek4Fitness

Seek4Fitness  has today launched an entirely new function for the users on  Seek4Fitness .
A running module, which will make it easier for you to organize and control your running
In the running module you can:

  •  Easily create new routes , using a simple click system and Google Maps
  •  Precisely calculate  your distance  
  •  Using your time spent on the route, we calculate  your average speed  
  •  Using your average speed, and your weight, we calculate  your calorie consumption  
  •  Find other users routes as  inspiration  for your own - or  add them as favorites  and use them as they are

The  Seek4Fitness running module  is very easy to use, and very intuitive.

We at  Seek4Fitness  hope you will enjoy using it, and that it will help you in your running exercise.

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