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Self-Defence Products for Joggers

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Did you know that joggers are almost twice as likely to become victims of attacks as the population at large? And that doesn't refer only to attacks by other humans; joggers are also at a higher risk of attacks by animals depending on where they live, most commonly: dogs, cougars, and bears.


Unfortunately, the majority of joggers who have survived attacks report that they were not carrying any type of self-defense product on their person at the time of the attack. Most agree that had they been armed with a self-defense product, they may have been able to ward off the attack completely, or at least escape the attack with fewer injuries.


If you are a regular jogger, you may have fallen prey to one or more of the myths which surround the use of personal self-defense products, including:


* They are bulky, heavy, and inconvenient to carry. Many joggers complain they don't want to be weighed down with a bulky can of pepper spray, stun gun or other product. Joggers don't realize there are self-defense products tailored especially for the jogger in small, easy to transport devices. They are packaged in tiny spray cans clip to a belt, a zipper pull or worn around the neck on a cord. Stun guns, in a range of sizes, are small enough to be concealed in the palm of the hand or clipped on similar to pepper spray


* Self-defense products don't prevent attacks, so why bother? This is a common statement by joggers, but is not be entirely accurate. Joggers who wear these products in a highly visible place are a less appealing target. Wearing a can of pepper spray isn't always enough to deter attackers (as in a dog or cougar). Carrying and deploying pepper spray will, however, provide a window of opportunity for the jogger to escape the attack. This greatly reduces the chances of sustaining serious or even fatal injuries from an attack.


* It's illegal to carry these types of products/devices. Personal self-defense products are legal to carry in most areas, though there may be restrictions. What types of products are legal varies in different parts of the country. It's prudent to check local laws, but most joggers will find that there is at least one type of effective product that can be legally carried for the purpose of personal protection.


* Self-defense products are too difficult to use to provide adequate protection. Pepper sprays and stun guns are usually very easy to use: just the touch of a button will temporarily disable an attacker and allow a jogger time to escape. Personal alarms, while not effective for warding off an attack, draw attention to the attack and are usually deployed by the simple pull of a pin.


Joggers are a vulnerable cross-section of the general population. It only makes sense for joggers to be prepared for an attack situation. Carrying a self-defense product when you jog may be the difference between serious or fatal injury and escaping with little more than cuts and bruises.

Author Resource:- Steve Lane is an expert in the field of self defense, home security and crime prevention and operates an online business Self Defense Shop. Visit his store to learn some ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones from crime at http://www.laneselfdefense.com

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