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Small ball – great effect


Written by:
Birgitte Nymann ( www.nymanns.dk )
Author, speaker and educator within Exercise, health, nutrition and motivation. Concept – and seminar developer at Pro Academy, Denmark. Educated and trained in sport from University of Copenhagen.

Most of all, it looks like the balls we played with when we were kids, so at a glance, it may seem harmless. The exercises you can do with the Redondo Ball are not harmless, indeed. The ball makes many of the well-known muscle training exercises even more effective and challenging and which is interesting, abdomen and back exercises become extremely effective within a very short period of time. The ball is "alive" when you lie on top of it and your muscles therefore have to work much harder in order for you to do the exercises. At the same time, far more muscles are forced to work to keep your entire body stable. Put together, it greatly increases energy consumption and has a great effect on your muscles. Also, the stability around your spine is trained at an optimum level.
The ball offers many advantages similar to those you enjoy when training with the big exercise ball. The surface of the Redondo Ball is smaller, however, and this makes some exercises much harder to do than when you use the big ball. Each ball has its own advantages.

The ball can be used for full-body exercising but we have chosen to focus on abdomen and back exercising.

Pelvis lifting
Exercising of: buttocks, back of thighs, lower back and abdomen
Lie on your back, knees bent and feet on the floor. Put your arms down your sides. Draw your abdomen inwards. Now lift your buttocks off the floor, balancing on the ball. Lower again to initial position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. Pause for 60 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Leg lifting
Exercising of: buttocks, back of thighs, lower back and shoulders
Lie front down, ball under your abdomen (place the ball where it feels the most comfortable). Put your elbows to the floor and keep your head positioned as a natural extension of your spine. Draw your abdomen inwards and lift both legs up in the air. Keep them fully stretched before lowering again. Repeat 15 times in total.

Side lifting
Exercising of: waist, abdomen and back
Lie on your side, hip on the ball, elbow put to the floor, body fully stretched. Draw your abdomen inwards and lift the top leg in the air as much as you can. Then lift your bottom leg towards the top leg and lower both legs at the same time. Repeat 10-12 times. Shift to your other side and repeat the exercise another 2 rounds on each side.

Back lifting
Exercising of: back extensor muscles, buttocks and back of thighs
Lie front down, ball in your hands. Keep your arms stretched above your head, resting your lower arms on the ball. Lift your chest off the floor while letting your arms roll the ball towards your chest until your hands touch the ball. Stretch your arms forward again and lower your upper body. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. Pause for 60 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Exercising of: abdominal muscles
Lie on your back, ball under your lower back. Bend your knees, feet hip-width apart. Put your hands behind your ears, draw your abdomen inwards and rotate your upper body from side to side. If you need more challenge you can lift your buttocks off the floor and do the exercise in that position. Repeat the exercise 20 times in total. Pause for 60 seconds and repeat the exercise.

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