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Strip and shake those pounds away

Exercise Health Weight change

Written by:
Katherine Griggs
Going to a gym, or an aerobics class is just not the same as it use to be. Striptease, chair-dancing, pole dancing, belly dancing and boot camps are popping up in gyms and dance studios around the world.

Sensual pole dancing
Aradia Fitness is the leading pole dancing and sensual fitness company in North America and offers various sensual dance classes for those anywhere from 18-60+. Classes range from pole dancing for beginners to more advanced. The sensual classes help to build strength and boost cardio fitness with balanced, full body work-outs taught by certified instructors. As you progress and learn, you will move up into different levels. Women who feel they may not be ready to move up have the option to repeat a level, if they desire.

On its website, the company says it seeks to provide a comfortable atmosphere that radiates power and has great energy.

For more information visit aradiafitness.com

Belly Dancing
Canada has a thriving bellydance community with schools offering a variety of styles ranging from Rags Sharqi to Gypsy Style. These schools have produced some of the most well-known belly dancers in the world.

Belly dancing has been around for centuries, but has just recently begun to catch on as a type of aerobic exercise.

Hanna's Belly Dance studio in Toronto offers classes for beginners as well as seasoned veterans. The ideal client for belly dancing, according to the company website, is one who seeks 'fun, fitness and camaraderie.' Hanna's Belly Dance is the first studio in Canada to offer an optional certificate program for those who wish to track their ongoing progress.

The studio allows you to choose a program depending on your fitness goal, whether it's to gain flexibility, fitness, grace or poise.

For more information visit discoverbellydance.com

Venus Belly Dance in Vancouver offers different criteria for different levels. Depending on the dance studio, you may be a certain level at one, and a different level at another. Due to the studio's high level of precise specifications, their levels seem to be higher. They want to ensure that each client achieves instruction in correct technique and also learns the movement skills properly.

Venus herself began bellydancing in 1981 and has made over 2000 professional appearances throughout that time.

For more information visit venusbellydance.com

For a complete list of bellydancing studios across Canada, visit bellydancingclasses.net to find a studio near you.

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