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User poll: Have your say in the next expansion of the exercise programs on Seek4Fitness!


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On Seek4Fitness we are constantly working to improve the offers for our users. Therefore we are always working on giving you more options, but also improving on the functions already present on Seek4Fitness. Soon we will expand the database with even more exercises, but because it takes a lot of time and resources to translate all the exercises to the various languages on Seek4Fitness, we want to ask you – the users – which exercise package you want to be the next!

Therefore you should participate in the poll below, but first read here which exercise packages you can pick from:

The Yoga package          

The Yoga package is comprised from over 30 exercises. Yoga is a collection of mental and bodily techniques med Indian origin. The word Yoga originates from Sanskrit and means union or connection. The Yoga package has been created in cooperation with Hanne Bull Aaby, who teaches Ashtanga Yoga and classical Yoga and also in cooperation with Camilla Østerlie Borgersen.

Strength exercising upgrade

This is a package filled with strength exercises, which several of the users have demanded. It contains 57 exercises within the strength and weightlifting categories, among others free turns, push, pull and other exciting exercises. Several of the exercises is described with more than 2 drawings, in order to demonstrate the correct lifting technique and combination in the best possible way.

The strength exercising upgrade package has been created in cooperation with Jørn Stian Dahl. He has a solid education in training, fx. he spent 5 years being educated at Norway’s Sports College. Furthermore Jørn has worked with course development and education of instructors, mainly personal trainers.

Exercises for the office

These are exercises that can be performed at the office or at home. The package contains exercises to loosen a stiff neck or shoulders, exercises to prevent injuries and strains from working to hard or doing repetitive work. The focus is on exercising that increases  your circulation, stretching, muscle relaxing, sitting positions and placement of equipment in the office.

Take part in the poll, and have your voice heard with regards to which package will be the next one added to the exercise database on Seek4Fitness!


The poll has ended and the choice of the users was Strength exercising upgrade - the exercise package will be added to Seek4Fitness exercise library as soon as possible.

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