Bodybuilding is a form of training where you are trying to achieve an increased and marked harmonious muscle hypertrophy. Thus the bodybuilder strives to enlarge and mark all the body's muscles. The world’s most famous bodybuilder is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the very prestigious Mr. Olympia contest a total of seven times.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that implies that the practitioner provides a background knowledge through articles on the topic, and background knowledge about the correct diet and nutrition. The practitioner must live a healthy life in order to achieve the perfect result. Moreover bodybuilding has often been associated with anabolic steroids, especially in the 70’ies and 80’ies.

On you can find articles which are relevant to bodybuilding, whether you're trying to get started or move forward with your workout. You can find help to a proper nutrition and you can ask other users for advice on how to achieve good results in the forum. In the gallery you can find pictures from various events and find events , whether you want to visit them as a spectator or participant.

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