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Rules for usage of the Seek4Fitness.net forum

Welcome to Seek4fitness.net

Seek4fitness.net is an international forum about Fitness, health, exercise, nutrition, bodybuilding, psychology, bodycare etc.
In order to maintain a good form and to make room for all opinions, Seek4fitness.net has a few simple rules to be respected.

Rules for usage of the Seek4fitness.net forum

1. Seek4fitness.net does not allow any abusive or insulting language.

2. Please stick to the subject of each thread in the seek4fitness.net forum; thread pinching is not allowed.

3. Posts and contributions with no meaning, solely created to dispute are not allowed.

4. Seek4fitness.net does not allow any posts in violation with existing legislation, including material of racism, trading and possession of illegal drugs, hormones, anabolic steroids or the like.

5. Small talk and chatting must be limited to the "Misc." category.

6. It is not allowed to advertise for companies or products in which you hold financial interests.

7. Seek4fitness.net does not allow any messages, posts or pictures of pornographic kind.

Any violation of these few rules has consequences, consisting of deletion of sentences or posts; in severe cases permanently exclusion from the site will happen.  Administrators and moderators are permitted to make the necessary sanctions at any time.

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