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Thursday 2/13/2020 9:30 PM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: Wooden American Flag

Wooden american flag

The fourth answer to the question why is the flag red, white and blue could be because the color red was taken from the flag of the United Kingdom. The white represented the end of the colonization of the Great Britain. The blue represented heaven. The stars symbolized the dreams of the citizens of the United States. It also symbolized that hopes of the people in America should not be limited. The five points of the stars could be the representation of the rays of the sun which symbolized light.

The fifth answer to the question why is the Wooden American Flag red, white and blue is because these colors symbolized freedom. The colors collectively represented liberation from any form of alien sovereignty. The colors of the flag are the powerful symbols for America's stand for independence. It also represented all the important beliefs the forefathers of the United States bravely fought for to achieve.

It is important to observe the proper etiquette when you are in front of the flag. It should never fall. It should never be torn or made dirty. There is also a proper way of disposing a worn out flag. There is a federal law in the United States that bans anyone using the flag for business purposes however this law is continuously not being followed because the first amendment can always counteract this law.
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