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Let's go to the video tape: Totenberg's quote comes in the midst of a complex examination of the federal deficit with fellow panelists and moderator/executive producer Gordon Peterson. "I didn't even notice it," he told us Tuesday. The reason her remark didn't appear on Sunday's show? Panelists tape additional commentary for the public television version that is routinely edited out to make room for commercials on Sunday.

In my time at Forbes I've focused on startups, tech and growing enterprises. The group claims to have not intended to leak the keys but somehow it leaked anyway, found its way to a group of Chinese hackers who intended to sell it for profit, according to the report. At this point, 'The Three Musketeers' released the keys publicly to spite those that would profit from their work.

As an informed public, it is our job and our duty to demand an answer to the seemingly endless cycle of violence that results in the deaths of Indian soldiers and civilians and bleeds the country's economy. As a collective, we have to desire a solution that is above mindless national jingoism and the blatant politicking. We must get beyond an "us and them" mentality..

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I love him very much, but I cannot be with someone who is still legally married to another. Should I wait and see what happens or should I just cut my losses and tell him to call me when he is officially divorced. I am so beyond confused and don't know what to do..

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