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Tuesday 4/6/2021 10:11 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: Good helper for plants!

Good helper for plants!

您是否正在寻找 产量最高的led生长灯

1.带三星301B ECO Farm 600W的LED灯带LED灯是用于商业园艺种植的高性能顶灯解决方案。专为种植者设计,采用高PPFD栽培技术。产品最突出的特点:ECO Farm 600W led植物生长灯可以根据生长周期和覆盖面积进行调节。与HID灯相比,PPFD高出50%以上全光谱LED增长灯


- Suitable for All Growing Stages from Seed to Harvest

Best grow light for medicinal plants.
Better heat dissipation than other brand power driver
Certification: CE, EMC, FCC, LVD, Warranty(Year): 3-year
Meanwell HLG-600-48B configuration assembled light bar

2.ECO Farm 660W/760W/900W LED Light Strips


The most prominent feature of the product:

1. Use Samsung high bin LEDs, ultra high PPFD, replace HPS 600W and 1000W perfectly
2. 660W /900W/ multiple wattage optional
3. High lighting effect, 90% led grow light will be absorbed by plant, but to the tradition HPS light and MH light, its effect only 8% - 10%.
4. LED MODEL流星风暴是一种用于园艺的高性能,经济实惠的顶灯解决方案。专为需要高效,精确和统一水平的PPFD的应用而设计。

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