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Anyway, I realize there are lots of 16 17 year olds out there exploring sex, and while I don agree with it, I WAY more comfortable with that concept then 12 year olds getting it on. I know it human nature to want to experiment with sex, and 12 is when the hormones really start raring. But still, I have to wonder where these kids parents are.

With the evolution of the print press came the evolution of preservation. Ideas could now be stored for future centuries. Print mediation provided a society a way of preserving history and tradition, and also served as an independent learning tool. Final Fantasy XI was launched in Japan on May 16 2002 for the Sony PlayStation 2. The PC release came on November 5th. It had its PC release in North America on October 28 2003, with the European release following in September 2004.

So yeah, in terms of 'real games' I'm not sure what to say. Resident Evil, maybe? It's badly written cornball shlock but it totally fits the game and I've really learned to love the characters over they years. Although I'm probably imagining most of their personality, rather than relying on what's in the game.

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