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Wednesday 12/13/2017 7:21 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: How to add powder for HP CF500A?

How to add powder for hp cf500a?

As a relatively common machine in our daily office, the presence of a printer is very important in the modern office. The frequency of using printers in our office every day is also very high. There are many brands in the printer, we can see a lot of brands, but the HP printer is a relatively good brand. Not only the quality and stability, but also the printing effect is very good. But after some time of use, we need to fill in powder. Under normal circumstances can be poured once the number of sheets of paper to print is 2000 to 3000. So how to add powder for HP CF500A?

When we carry out the HP CF500A plus powder need to make sure that the toner inside the cartridge has been used up, in addition we also need to prepare some tools. Tools have sharp-eared pliers, the corresponding type of toner, some used newspapers, a relatively small toner fountain, there are tools that can be used to clear and so on.

HP CF500A plus powder steps

The first step is to remove the cartridge from the print cartridge and place it in the newspaper we prepared. Pay attention to the newspaper laying on the desktop or on the ground, so that the toner will not fall on the desktop. This filling powder is relatively clean.

The second step is we use tools to open the cartridge cover of the toner cartridge, toner fountain on the corresponding toner port, and then the toner into the toner cartridge. When filling, we need to pay attention to slowly pouring into, because a lot of powder filling may cause the powder spill, resulting in waste. At the same time the powder will pollute the environment.

The third step is when we finish filling powder, you need to close the toner cover, the method is the same with the open. Then we flatten the drum to shake evenly. In general, shaking a few times you can make the toner inside the toner cartridge evenly distributed.

The fourth step is check for the toner cartridge after filling the powder we need to wipe the surface of the toner by hand paper, and then check there is no leakage of the situation. If there is timely replenishment.
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