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Pretty much any of the melee weapons in Hotline Miami are excellent due to their brutality and feeling of visceral connection when used, but the snooker cue is particularly memorable because you can throw it at an enemy which knocks them out and it splits in two; you then run over and use one half of the cue to perform a horrible execution whereby you stab into the enemy's face and twist it about like you're trying to light a fire to finish them off.

I reciently was shoping online for a Cavalier puppy. I e mailed one lady, Jessica Jones, about an add that was online about her puppies, she e mailed me back (attached) that hers was sold but a friend had some that she could no longer keep because she was in Africa and it was not a good place to have puppies. But unfortunately, she's just been adopted, some minutes ago by Mr. Richard, and I was just been contacted by one of my customer that I sold some puppies to who mailed me just now to inform me that they are looking for a caring person to adopt their puppies.

they have also been called Anglo Frisian runes.[1] They were likely used from the 5th century onward, recording Old English and Old Frisian.

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