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Right aft is the raised cutting board, designed to drain overboard to the outboard well. This fiberglass unit includes a baitholder and is removable for cleaning. In 1983, he also sparred with Tyrone in their back garden, telling him: "There's no rounds. Whoever collapses last is going to be the winner." Ali was retired and would announce the following year he was suffering from Parkinson's.

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The company initially had its beads manufactured in China, but recently, Schowalter was able to bring production back to the United States. The beads are now made in Grand Rapids, Mich., which allows Schowalter to keep a closer eye on the product nearly impossible to do when it's being made across continents..

Being able to see our "brilliant" surroundings, as Darren said so eloquently. Darren says, "They want proof but we're suffering, time is against us, give people suffering a chance." It's not right that MS sufferers have to pay thousands of dollars and travel so many kilometers to gain access to treatment because it's not available at home..

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