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Monday 8/6/2018 9:34 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: Pandora bracelet is really striking

Pandora bracelet is really striking

This particular pandora boutique en ligne is another of new style of padlock bracelets introduced this year, which offer a different way of wearing charms to the regular barrel clasps. It’s hard to convey just how beautifully vibrant the colour is in person. The shine of a new bracelet looks particularly good in a Rose finish. The little bit of sparkle at the clasp’s centre looks so pretty as a contrast against the pink-toned metal.

There are a lot of carnival colours in this collection (see above), but my two picks from this erred more on the side of delicacy and silver detailing: The stand-out charm for many was the all-silver Dreamcatcher. This lovely all-silver design is a new character bead from pandora charms pas cher – we’ve not had one before – and is beautifully executed. The feathers are not fixed in place, and all dangle freely from the base of the charm.The bead actually feels weightier and more substantial than I was expecting from the stock image – it’s quite a solid charm, and the overall effect of the pattern at the centre is quite oxidised-looking, too.

In use, you’ll find that it’s large and eye-catching, and its dangling feathers are really striking, too. In light of this, for me I see it as more of a focal bead within a full pandora canada – or as a bead to use within part of a smaller design, such as on a bangle or leather bracelet, where it has the space to breathe and won’t get crowded or look odd against other smaller beads.The top of the charm is set with the words Follow your dreams. This may or may not be your thing, but it’s less intrusive than some of Pandora’s inscribed messages. The writing is tiny and not too showy, so you can just ignore it if it doesn’t suit you.

You could use the Pandora Pas Cher , with its silicone grips, to prevent this, and also to ward against the clasp opening unexpectedly. However, I’m still not sure that I really like this look – if they did the longer safety chain lengths again, I might prefer it. Otherwise, you can just use two regular or silicone-lined clips to stop charms rolling on to the bracelet ends, which is what I think I’ll end up doing. I was so excited to style this bracelet, as this is my very first Pandora bracelet (leathers excluded) where the chain isn’t silver!
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