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Monday 6/26/2017 10:19 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: How To Dress Your Kids In Long Dresses For Girl Free Shipping At Jollyhers

How to dress your kids in long dresses for girl free...

If you are raising your daughter to be an independent, confident woman, chances are you’ve given thought to the clothes she wears - how to reconcile your feminist values with what stores are offering like http://www.jollyhers.com/" title="free shipping kids clothing">free shipping kids clothing at Jollyhers , much of which promotes a traditional view of girlhood. It makes helping girls learn to dress themselves a tricky and often daunting undertaking.

On top of what we want our daughters to wear, there’s the equally important consideration of what they want to wear. Before my daughter was born, I swore I would never buy her anything pink. My daughter’s favorite color now? Pink. A friend of mine was excited to have a girl to dress up in twirly dresses and lacy headbands. At age 2, her daughter is already completely uninterested in anything remotely “girly.”

So how do you clothe a budding feminist? Start with these three principles.

1. Show her options

Your daughter should know that there’s no wrong way to dress “like a girl.” If a girl is wearing something, it’s “for girls,” whatever the signs in the department store might say. Show her everything from frilly pink tutus to blue denim overalls, twirly blue cars dresses to soft purple cargo shorts.

And make sure you know what options are available. There are small businesses out there creating awesome clothes that fill the gaps in the mainstream marketplace.

2. Make sure her options reflect her interests

Like adults, most children express themselves through their clothes; they’re just a lot more literal about it than adults are. Children who love dinosaurs like to wear clothes with dinosaurs on them. Seek out the kind of clothes that your daughter likes to wear that also showcase what she’s interested in. Sometimes it can be really hard to find that perfect match, so filling her closet with options that enable her to express the full range of her interests is going to involve looking beyond mainstream shops.

Finding clothes that she wants to wear that also express her interests is important not just to encourage her in those subjects, but also to enable her to communicate them to others in her life. Adults realize that children wear clothes that reflect their interests, which is why they usually ask children about the images on their clothes. A girl who loves science and is wearing a dress with atoms on it is likely to have an adult talk to her about science - something that might not happen in another outfit. And both she and the adult benefit from the conversation sparked by that clothing option.

3. Honor her choices

You can’t give a child a choice and then tell her she’s made the wrong one - that’s what society tells women constantly. So if she prefers jeans and polo shirts - that’s great. Skirts and sparkly tights? Also great. She can do math and read books, dance and climb in either of those outfits. Even though it might not be what you envisioned for your girl, one style isn’t better or more feminist than another.

But what do you do when her choices just don’t work for the situation? Talk to her. When she wants to wear a floor-length dress to the playground or her brother’s old beat-up Thomas shirt to your sister’s black-tie wedding - that’s when you explain that clothes have to be appropriate for the occasion. Then get creative! Maybe you can throw biker shorts under the dress and tie it up on the side ‘80s style. You can take the Thomas shirt along as a lovey and let her wear her a suit to the wedding.

Give her choices, then tell her she’s made a great decision - whatever her style is.

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