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Napalm Bomb does not do a lot of damage compared to other skills. You are thinking Low Cd right. But runescape 2007 gold if you invest in it, you will find out that you will not have enough to invest on your Main DPS spells like Mixed Infection + Poison Break Combo, Magma Wall and Magma Wave and of course Magma Punch with Magma Punch Ex that in my opinion is more spammable that Napalm Bomb.

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Licensed to Tacoma, it broadcasts a high definition digital signal on VHF channel 13 from a transmitter on Gold Mountain in Bremerton. Owned by the Tribune Company, KCPQ is sister to MyNetworkTV affiliate KZJO and the two stations share studios on the west shore of Lake Union in Seattle Westlake neighborhood.

Mixed Infection Lvl 5 For damage. Combo with Poison Break.Poison Break Lvl 7 For damage. Cast Mixed infection first then follow up with Poison Break. This must be done immediately after casting Mixed Infection to ensure maximum damage. If this skill does a critical damage, then you can be sure that you have dealt at least 30% to 50% of damage to a tank character.

Cocktail Lvl 4 Increases Power, Agi(Crit), Int(Damage) by 18% and Skill cooldown by 12%Eureka Lvl 1 Increase 1% INT per Alchemic Bubble. Reduces 1.5% of Physcial Attack and Magical Attack Alchemic Per Bubble. Maximum of 10 Alchemic Bubbles.Hypnosis Lvl 1 Very Helpful in escaping Attacks. It will repel you backward once you are attacked and you have press the normal attack key.

Elemental Bubble Charging Lvl 1 earn an extra alchemic bubble once a fire skill is used. Help you get the maximum of 10 Alchemic Bubbles faster. I was saved from certain death several times with this skill.Chemical Bubble Charging Lvl 1 earn an extra alchemic bubble once a dark skill(poison) is used. Once again to help earn the maximum alchemic bubble at the fastest possible time.

The Tribune Company acquired KCPQ in August 1998. Following the purchase of channel 13, Tribune merged KCPQ operations with those of KTWB TV (channel 22, now KZJO). The two stations became co owned in 1999, after the FCC approved same market duopolies.

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