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The main issue I encountered while playing Evil 7 in VR was a pretty common one for the technology: It made me extremely dizzy. Moving in the game while standing still in real life was a disorienting process. Beyond that, I found specific visuals in the game much darker and muddier in VR. For example, a photo I picked up and examined looked totally normal in the regular game,

Once again, a res. Question by a comm. Electrician. I have a new project relocating a meter service. The new meter will be about 25 feet from the 200A panelbox location instead of back to back. I'll wire in a 200A 2 pole breaker at the meter location as per 10 foot tap rule, and run new cable to panel. I need to go up new outside wall of addition across ceiling and down to existing panel.

Can this be ran plenum up the wall and across ceiling, and down through existing pipe stubbed up from panel? I won't have a whole lot of room to get 2" pipe up wall, etc. if it's needed. If I can run it like cable, what is the cable designation that is approved for this? THANKS for any assistance!

Evil had been for me. Just don play it right before bed.This is why the NEC placed such ambiguous wording in this section.Also, this has nothing to do with "taps". Taps are an entirely different thing. These are simply service entrance conductors.what I am suppose to charge. I do not have much experience in this field but thought it would be a good flexible job while I am in school. I have tried to get advice.Resignations over PSU sex abuse charges

I need to install a 60amp sub panel. I will be running the feeder cable in Schedule 80 PVC. The run is 100 feet long, I want to use 2 gauge SE Quadruplex type RHW 2. Is this cable OK or should I be looking at something else. I want to be able to use it for 100 amps in the future.My name is Mari. I recently started a cleaning company. I have already cleaned serveral homes but I am having a hard time as to

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