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Watching an erotic movie can bring about a physical sexual response. Hearing a song o the radio can bring you to tears as you remember an old friend or lover. It TMs important to understand this, as fear and worry will have you believing these events are happening to such a degree that you are constantly putting your emotions into living and experiencing things that are not happening..

Army Major Gen. Michael Howard, commanding general of the Military District of Washignton, far left, and Karen Durham Aquilera, executive director of Army National Cemeteries, lay a wreath at the grave of former President John F. Kennedy, to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., Monday, May 29, 2017.

Once the leash is on, give him some time to get used to the sensation of something hanging off his neck. He may get a little panicky at this stage, and start pawing at his neck and trying to rub the leash off along the ground. If he's showing signs of nervousness, distract him with a game: a short game of tug o' war (providing he knows to drop the toy when you've had enough) is a good idea; if he can run without getting tangled in the leash, play a short game of fetch; or, if the two of you are outside in a safely enclosed area, you can go for a short walk..

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