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Monday 10/12/2015 7:15 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: And what of the old debate pitting Fifa against old rival PES?

And what of the old debate pitting fifa against old ...

And what of the old debate pitting Fifa against old rival PES? As demonstrated by unending schoolyard squabbles on social media, it’s an almost redundant debate – both games are edging back towards peak form, yet neither is likely to coax ardent fans of one series into switching sides. What isn’t in doubt is that EA’s fifa 16 comfort trade game offers the superior package. Ultimate Team, career mode, online seasons, female players, dozens of leagues and hundreds of teams all with weekly line-up updates, bespoke overlays for Premier League and Bundesliga matches … the feature list goes on. While on-pitch matters between these two old foes are too close to call, Fifa’s breathtaking scope secures yet another silver pot for an already heaving trophy cabinet. Aside from enhancements to core gameplay, and adding women's teams, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is back. This is a feature that lets you put together a ragtag team and turn it into a championship winning outfit. But doing so takes a lot of time and energy and involves acquiring players through card packs. Not so with another mode, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft. This mode lets you experience the best of FUT in just a few matches. You'll build a team, filling out each position and play four matches in a row to win rewards for your club such as rare players, boosts to attributes and coins that you can use in FUT. When you’re done, you can compete in a series of up to four matches, staying in and winning bigger prizes until you’re beaten. Coins, packs and loan players are all up for grabs. So, yet again, we have a FIFA title that looks great, remains fun and, crucially, is addictive. However, it plays the type of football that would make David Moyes proud. Physical battles and one-on-one contests are more responsive than ever, but alterations need to be made to the success rate of headed goals from crosses. If this translated to real life, Moyes would still be Manchester United manager and the Red Devils would have beaten Fulham 82-2 in February 2014. This year's game prioritises an entertaining and accessible formula over the complexities of football. The short, snappy basics are key to success in a title that replicates real football in everything but the on-field gameplay. fifa 16 coins accounts
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