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Wednesday 3/25/2020 10:03 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: Coronavirus, US plan agreement of 2,000 billion stringent measures also in Iran

Coronavirus, us plan agreement of 2,000 billion stri...

10:32 Jackson Browne tested positive for coronavirus - The American songwriter told Rolling Stone. Browne, 71, tested for Covid-19 after experiencing a "small cough and fever" following a trip to New York earlier this month. The symptoms are "mild", he clarified.

10: 32 Rohani, Iran all at home 15 days - Iran will take even more stringent measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus. President Hassan Rohani announced it on live TV, explaining that for 15 days there will be restrictions on free movement that could "create difficulties".

9:19 In Italy group calls have increased by 1,000% - Since the coronavirus hit Italy, group calls on Messenger and WhatsApp have increased, in terms of time, by more than 1,000%. This was announced by Facebook in a post signed by two vice presidents, Alex Schultz and Jay Parikh.

8:40 Today's strikes confirmed - The strikes of the metalworkers of Lombardy and Lazio proclaimed for today are confirmed. The unions report explaining that they are moving towards an agreement with the government on the activities to be closed for the Coronavirus emergency but that a new meeting is scheduled for 12 o'clock. The strikes are underway and concern the entire metalworking industry whose sectors they were not closed outside the activities related to hospital and health care and the production of machines for this activity.

7:05 There is an agreement for a 2 billion American plan - The Republican majority in the United States Senate announced today that it had reached an agreement with the Democrats and the White House on a "historic" $ 2 trillion plan to revive the world's first economy, hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

6:25 Zero cases in Hubei - China removes restrictions after two months in Hubei , the province epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, once again announcing zero cases of infection on the domestic front. According to data from the National Health Commission (NHC), 47 other imported infections were confirmed yesterday, rising to 474 in total, largely related to the return of Chinese citizens. Three of the four deaths occurred in Hubei and two in Wuhan, where the blockade will be lifted on April 8th.

2:47 US death toll, 163 in 24 hours - At least 163 coronavirus deaths have occurred in the United States in the past 24 hours, the worst toll in the country since the epidemic broke out. 52,976 cases of contagion have so far been ascertained in the United States.

1:22 Trump, you see light at the bottom of the tunnel - "We are already beginning to see the light at the bottom of the tunnel": American President Donald Trump said so, while the coronavirus epidemic in the United States has now passed 52 thousand cases with over 600 deaths.

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