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Here a quick guide to get into the basics of breeding your own killer Pokmon.Not available until after you beat the short delta episode available after besting the Elite Four, the Battle Resort is an island tailor made for breeding and hatching eggs. Inside the Pokmon Center, you find a guy on the right who will check your Pokmon IVs (more on this later).

To the right of the Pokmon Center is a daycare. Best of all, by using your directional pad to ride your bike left or right until you hit a wall and then holding up, the game camera rotates, effectively making the island a giant circle you can wander indefinitely without pressing a different directional button. This makes hatching eggs mindlessly easy, and never before have an endless route,

If the Pokmon you trying to breed is genderless (like Magneton) or only ever one gender (such as Lilligant), you must breed it with a Ditto. The resulting eggs have a step counter that must be reached in order for the egg to hatch (which is why riding your bike around the island is such a great way to hatch an egg).

There are two things that dramatically cut down on the step count, however, which can be huge time savers when trying to breed that take forever to hatch, like Gible. Put a Pokmon that knows the Flame Body ability in your party. I use Talonflame because it can also learn Fly. Flame Body makes eggs hatch twice as fast. Another invaluable way to cut hatching time is the Hatching O Power. Go to the Mauville City Pokmon Center and follow this guide to unlock the Hatching O Power.

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