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Monday 1/8/2018 5:36 AM Click to link directly to this post, then copy the URL in the address field: Pandora joyas is so cute

Pandora joyas is so cute

The pandora joyas online is pretty similar to last year’s, but with a full-bodied design. I have to say that I do prefer having the fuller detail, as I find the single head charms slightly cartoony – I still find the 2015 Pudsey very cute, but I just prefer the fuller design. To me, Pandora have also done a slightly better job at making it actually look like Pudsey – when you have his full body for context, it’s much more apparent that he’s actually a teddy bear!

Pudsey has the year stamped underneath him as well (excuse the rather rude shot!). It’s only very small, and blends in with the S925 ALE, but it should please collectors who like special charms to be commemorated with the date. I personally like having dates tucked in somewhere discretely on a limited edition pandora disney charms – it just adds to the collectability and makes it feel a little more special.

Last year, many people found the bright enamel bandana of the pandora charms españa a bit hard to style. As this year’s new Pudsey is so small, this is much less of an issue, as the coloured spots aren’t really big enough to clash with anything. Nevertheless, I’m still going to focus on a couple of stylings that are a bit softer and more delicate, to demonstrate how you can wear these beads without them looking too childish!

I’ve put both the pandora españa disney on my summer 2017 honeysuckle pink leather bracelet! This adds a nice bright pop of colour – very appropriate for Pudsey – which nevertheless is a bit more wearable than a bright blue, green or yellow, perhaps. I’ve put the delicate Lavender Candy-Stripe murano in between to soften the look a little.

The detailing on the charm is very cute, and I love that he’s a bit more ‘traditional’ pandora anillos corona with his full-body design. The only downside is that he is very small – however, it’s hard to grumble about value for money when a chunk of the profits are going to charity. The only plus side to the 2016 Pudsey being a bit smaller is that the colours on his bandana stand out less, and he’s much easier to blend with other colour schemes.
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