Indoor Cycling

Spinning or Indoor-cycling is a great method to get in shape and quickly drop a few pounds. So if you are not afraid of hard work and sweat, then try out this form of training.

Indoor-Cycling is training filled with power and energy, Women in a hard exercise spinning classand as much as it is very hard, it yields great results. A big advantage is that the risks of injuries are minimal, because the body is not exposed to hurtful blows and shocks, since you are working with natural movements.

The training is normally conducted in room specially designed for the purpose, there is plenty of ventilation, light effects, a powerful stereo that can fill the room with tempo controlling rhythms – and to avoid being a nuisance to other people using an effective soundproofing.

The bikes are directed towards an instructor, who helps controls the tempo and variation, Legs spinning at full power and energybecause in solitare Indoor-Cycling is probably not the most exciting form of training, but together with other people, and with the hard pumping music, the motivating instructor and a friend next to you that you just have to compete with spinning is a very powerful form of training!

Find inspiration for your spinning programs here on the site, whether you are an instructor or just very much into the sport – you can always suggest to your spinning-instructor.


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