About Indoor Cycling Programs

The indoor cycling programs on this site have been made by Brian Overkær (www.overkaer.com, www.cycling-online.dk)

Brian is known for his 2 Guinness world records on a stationary bike - the longest distance ridden in 24 hours (1,377.79 km) and the longest time ridden non-stop (82 hours). Brian is a part of the Danish Nike athletic team and he works with development of indoor cycling as well as education of instructors. He is especially known for his use of music in indoor cycling.

Additionally, Brian is a quite popular indoor cycling instructor and he is in demand as presenter on conventions both domestically and internationally. Brian is trained as a physiotherapist and as a masseur.

The programs are thought of as a source of inspiration for indoor cycling instructors, who are seeking inspiration for their lessons and for those who have an indoor cycling bike at home.

Have fun!



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