5 minutes(2)

Time trials are useful both as a conclusion as well as during your lesson. The placing of it depends on how high you wish to put the bar. Time trials mean that each participant decides what to happen – standing, seated, fast, slow, heavy or light. The participant makes the decision as long as it can be reached within the time limit.


Define a physiological goal, which for instance can be that it has to be demanding within 5 minutes. After that the participants can be given free reigns to ride as they wish as long as their individual goal is reached. The time is set at 5 minutes, but it could be within any time frame.

The program is suitable for all groups, but it has to be adapted with regards to both time and goal and according to level.

Recommended music = 120-140 BPM (everything)


SP = Single pace
MP = Medium pace
DP = Double pace

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