11 minute warm-up

5 minutes free tempo 1 minute standing SP – 30 seconds seated SP (repeat 4 times)


A simple warm-up program. 5 minutes in free tempo where the students can get comfortable and get their mind off the daily hustle and bustle followed by 1 minute standing and 30 seconds seated SP. It is a simple program, which is easy to command. If possible, ask the students to increase the resistance slowly during the first 5 minutes.

Remember :-) It is you as an instructor who has to decide how demanding the program should be. Explain to your students how demanding it should feel :-).
The program can be used at all levels. You have to be careful with regards to tempo when teaching beginners though.

Recommended music tempo = 130-140 BPM


SP = Single pace
MP = Middle pace
DP = Double pace
ACC = Acceleration away from pace (not a sprint)

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