8 minutes

4 minutes standing SP
4 minutes of speed play in pairs


The first 4 minutes will be ridden in standing SP to increase the intensity before the speed play. After this the participants will be paired. They will switch at controlling the progress of events for 1 minute at a time.

When the person in charge is standing in SP, the other person has to sit down and accelerate. If the person in charge sits down and accelerates the other one has to stand up in single pace. The idea is that the seated person will have to work the hardest whereas the person standing can relax.

You have to swap each minute so the other person will be in charge. This way you will ensure that the work is evenly distributed. Each person will be in charge for 2 minutes in all.

Remember :-) it is you as an instructor, who has to decide how demanding the program should be. Explain to your students how demanding it should feel – otherwise they cannot adjust their resistance :-)
The program is not suited for beginner's lessons because of the many standing intervals.

Recommende music tempo = 130-140 BPM


SP = Single pace
MP = Middle pace
DP = Double pace
ACC = Acceleration away from pace (not a sprint)

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