12 minutes

30 seconds down hill (high tempo, low resistance)
30 seconds seated SP
2 minutes standing SP

Repeat 4 times


The program is created so you begin with a 30 second down hill followed by 30 seconds seated SP and then 2 minutes standing SP. The ”route” is repeated 4 times. The program is easy to explain. Imagine that you are standing on top of a small mountain, where it will take you 30 seconds to reach the foot. It will then take you 30 seconds to reach the bottom of the elevation and then 2 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.
It is a good interval to start the lesson with and time will pass quickly. Remember that the joy of recognition will be high.

The program does not demand much of the students' technical skills (as long as you work seated) and therefore it can be used at all levels (except for beginners)

Recommended music tempo = 130-140 BPM


SP = Single pace
MD = Middle pace
DP = Double pace

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