10 minutes pyramid

30 seconds seated MP
30 seconds standing SP

1 minute seated MP
1minute standing SP

1.5 minutes seated MP
1.5 minutes standing SP

2 minutes seated MP
2 minutes standing SP


The program is built up around the pyramid principle. The idea of the program is that there will be added 30 seconds to both the seated and the standing work each interval. Whether it should be hardest to be seated or to be standing is up to you as instructor. Remember to adjust the resistance from seated to standing work.

Remember :-) it is you as an instructor, who has to decide how demanding the program should be. Explain to your students how demanding it should feel – otherwise they cannot adjust their resistance :-)
The program is not suited for beginner's lessons because of the many standing intervals.

Recommended music tempo = 130-140 BPM


SP = Single pace
MP = Medium pace
DP = Double pace
ACC = Acceleration away from pace (not a sprint)

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