5 minutes bike race

You will ride standing SP. Every time a participant yells ”hep” everybody sits down and accelerates for 10 seconds. Subsequently there will be ridden standing SP until the next participant yells ”hep” - This will be repeated for 5 minutes.


The program is also known as a ”bike race”. It is a fun little game, which will be a good conclusion to your lesson. You have to be aware that 5 minutes can be a long time and that you should consider what level you are teaching.

The program does not require good technical skills and can therefore be used at almost every level. It is dissuaded to use it with beginner's classes because beginners can have some difficulties reading the signals from their own body and it might cause a negative experience.

Recommended music tempo = 120-140 BPM


SP = Single pace
MP = Middle pace
DP = Double pace

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