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The world's best fitness and health community showing a fitness rating in top form. Here everybody gets together who is interested in both fitness and health, beginners as well as professionals.


Here there is room for everybody independent of background and level: people doing workout, fitness, aerobic, cycling, kettlebells, yoga, power yoga, fitness training, body combat, dance, circulatory-system training, functional training, body building, weightlifting, exercise ball, jogging, Nordic walking, inliners, combat, step or body/mind etc.

Fitness centres, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, fitness coaches, personal coaches, coaches, nutritional advisors, dieticians, lifestyle therapists, psychologists, physical coaches and any other health staff may likewise profit greatly from Seek4Fitness.net. This great and international community unites people that are interested in health, fitness, training, exercise, jogging, lifestyle, diet, nutrition, food supplements, cholesterol levels, calories, fat burning, weight, organics, vitamins and minerals, psychological well-being, stress, meditation, energy and wellness, and offers unlimited possibilities of sharing knowledge and experiences with like-minded people.

At Seek4Fitness.net there is no distinction between tall or short, thick or thin, young or old, and as quite a lot of the modules are totally free, there is likewise no distinction between rich or poor. In other words: There is room for everybody at Seek4Fitness.net!

A membership profile at Seek4Fitness.net gives access to a world of opportunities to research the fitness and health business, nationally as well as internationally. No matter whether you are already well familiar with the areas or are a beginner, Seek4Fitness.net is the obvious place to be inspired, meet new people sharing your interests and find new challenges and information. In short: Seek4Fitness.net is the ultimate fitness and health network! Here everybody gets together who focuses on lifestyle, network, health and fitness!


Seek4Fitness.net provides people who are interested in fitness and health with the possibility of communicating online with other people sharing their interests, across borders, cultures, nationalities and other differences. The comprehensive but very user-friendly exercise system gives everybody the chance of searching through a vast number of exercises that are thoroughly described regarding correct performance, muscle overview and illustrations. It is easy and simple to build your own unique exercise programme that you can modify at any time by changing weights and workloads. If you need help to build your programme, choose a number of repetitions or sets or choose weights, the standard programmes of Seek4Fitness.net are readily available to you. The programmes have been worked out by health-trained people and exercise specialists.

Users all over the world can share exercise programmes and seek help, inspiration and other guidance in respect of getting fit, achieving a long-desired weight loss, building muscle mass, losing fat, rediscovering or keeping motivation, getting stronger or having more stamina. Seek4Fitness.net attaches great importance to respecting users' private lives and anonymity, so your exercise programmes can easily be kept private.


If you are interested in managing diet, nutritional content, calorie intake, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals etc., Seek4Fitness.net has designed a fine and simple tool for managing all facts. It is easy and simple to enter your daily food intake in the nutritional module that is based on data achieved from the Danish Food Composition Databank under the Danish National Food Institute. In this module you can find the energy and nutritional contents of more than 1000 different foods and the food intake is easily added to the nutritional table. The program then calculates the nutritional and energy contents with lightning speed.


The Seek4Fitness.net shop provides fine opportunities of shopping at several levels because you can exchange, sell and buy new as well as used products. The product line ranges from protein powder, energy supplements, creatine and fish oil to books and DVDs about fitness and health. The shop also covers a wide range of exercise equipment, tubes, elastic bands, balls for core training, exercise mats, skipping ropes and much more. Also, fitness, exercise and jogging clothing will be plentiful in the Seek4Fitness.net shop.


Seek4Fitness.net offers a professional and international jobbase where job ads can be inserted and staff be recruited by fitness centres, health centres and clinics, temp agencies and massage therapists etc. who have vacant and relevant positions within the fitness and health business. Likewise, users with an interest in fitness and health can form a clear overview of job possibilities within the fitness and health business, and people looking for jobs can easily create job profiles that are accessible to employers.


The fitness and health forum at Seek4Fitness.net is open to everybody, providing a unique opportunity to learn more in the fitness and health area, find help to solve relevant exercise or nutritional problems, get new inspiration and motivation, seek guidance in the psychology forum or share experiences on health, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition. Get good advice on building exercise programmes and exercises, ask questions about injuries, injury prevention, diseases and symptoms. Share your food and nutrition programmes with others and have the possibility of knowing the different opinions and comments of other users. Read about other people's experiences and views on organics and organic lifestyle, foods, vitamins and food supplements.


The fitness and health news at Seek4Fitness.net will keep you informed at all times about developments in the fitness and health business: new initiatives, political decisions in the fitness and health area, information about the opening of new fitness centres, wellness clinics and health centres etc. The most recent information on nutrition, foods and a healthy lifestyle is obtained worldwide to keep you updated.


Health and fitness events are plentiful at Seek4Fitness.net. Organisers worldwide set up events in the event calendar, inviting people to participate in various activities, food lectures, Indoor cycling marathons, fitness competitions, coaching seminars, dance shows, body-building cups and many other activities. It is easy and simple to sign up for the individual events that present terrific opportunities of meeting others sharing your interests and of getting a good round of exercise, health tips, a festive night or something quite different - your only limit is your imagination!

For those fond of travelling, Seek4Fitness.net offers abundant possibilities of combining travels all around the world, with a focus on fitness, training, exercise, healthy food and wellness. Irrespective of the goal of your dream travel, inland or abroad, Europe or Asia, USA or Africa, and of whether you wish to travel alone or in company, we are full of ideas, constantly organising new adventures in cooperation with competent travel agencies worldwide.


Thousands of users worldwide have already signed up with Seek4Fitness.net and new ones are doing so every day. It is quite uncomplicated to set up a personal profile and enter relevant information. Photos can easily - and voluntarily, of course - be added for a personalised and unique impression of you as a user. All pages include thorough instructions to make the process as easy as possible. Seek4Fitness.net is the user-oriented fitness and health community! We therefore welcome new suggestions and ideas for the site. We are always ready to listen to user desires and comments and develop new and exciting features on an ongoing basis.

Welcome at Seek4Fitness.net; Your Fitness and health community on the Net!!!

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