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Wide Coverage

Seek4Fitness.net is a national and international Fitness and health community covering several languages, and target people interested in health and fitness.

Great Impact

Seek4Fitness target your marketing with demographics like:

  • Country – Region - City
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests

Professional orientation

The Seek4Fitness audiences share one common interest – Health. It is people who explore the Web looking for ideas, inspiration, exercise and nutrition. In addition they seek people like themselves, to help plan a healthy and rewarding life.

As a result, advertisers will target a specific active and responsive audience, who is not just looking for generalized advice, but also want to trade, travel, read news and articles, participate in events, make workouts, buy exercise wear, nutrition’s and supplements.

Diversified choices

Seek4Fitness is offering a varying advertising form for your considerations, such as banner advertising, partnership and text. Customized promotion services are also available

Content Integration & Sponsorships

Seek4Fitness builds brand awareness for your products and drive traffic to your sites with its content integration and sponsorship programs. With a huge array of content on a wide variety of topics like Workouts, forums, nutrition, health, food, news, shop, events, jobs, trade and travel. Seek4Fitness.net help you reach the targeted audience that you desire. We also provide a various selection of customized sponsorship packages to fit your brand’s needs – sponsored by/brought to you by/powered by and fixed ad positions.

Traditional advertising

Compared with the traditional advertising manners, such as magazine, TV and so on, the network advertising tool has great advantages on time efficiency and engagement of targeted customers.


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