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How to choose the right full-size platform bed frame with storage

Bed frames with storage allow you to arrange your bedding efficiently. Storage units come in different sizes, designs, and features. If you are looking to buy the right full-size platform bed frame with storage, this guide will assist.

How to choose the right full-size platform bed frame with storage

But, before further proceeding, there are two things you need to understand

  • The choice of material is a decisive factor

  • The design and size of the storage unit is fundamental

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How to choose the right full-size platform bed frame with storage?

Many homeowners ask this question whenever they want to update their bedroom space. To accurately answer the question, there are four things to consider

  1. What is your style and preference?

We all appreciate different styles and preferences. Some will like a full-size bed that has a single but large storage unit underneath the bed slats while others will prefer a bed with 2-6 drawers for different reasons.

The full Ottoman platform bed can help you save a lot of space if you have a tiny bedroom. You will not need additional shelves or a chest in your bedroom.

The half Ottoman platform bed is another unique choice if you have a larger bedroom and you would not mind having a chest/wardrobe.

  1. What is your material of choice?

The taste everyone has for their home is different. Some will like an old-fashioned full size platform bed while others would dissent. Some will like an all-wood unit and others will like a platform bed with a touch of metal and wood.

No matter your taste, a full-size platform bed which has storage units guarantees content.

The full 54-inch, pure white South Shore Spark Mates Bed with 4 Drawers is a modern style bed that has rounded edges and metal handles. A perfect choice for modern homes.

  1. Kid's room or the master bedroom?

Most children like simple but contemporary style bed units. For the kid's room, having a full-size platform bed frame with multiple storage drawers works wonders.

The full-size platform bed with six storage drawers on one side is a unique and bold option. It can be squeezed next to the wall to save space if your kid's room is small.

The Simple full-size platform bed with two drawers on each side is a good choice for the master bedroom.

How to choose the right full-size platform bed frame with storage

  1. How much service time do you want?

Depending on the amount of time you want to spend sleeping in a particular unit, then the choice of material matters a lot.

Durable steel full size platform beds frame with Teak drawers can serve a minimum of 10 years. Steel is rust-resistant, tough, and economical with Teak having an attractive and oily feel.

Softwoods are light and have regular texture. They are not the best choice if you want something to last many years. Pinewood platform beds with storage units are beautiful but will not live to reach 20+ years.


With the above four factors put into consideration, your shopping experience will be cheap and free from constraints. Choose a bed that fits your style.

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