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31 Years, Female,

Living in United Kingdom,

I speak: English

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  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Children: None

About me

hello so my names melanie as u may have already guessed.
im 19 and i guess im on here cus i wana get some more ideas of how to make my workout more intresting. but befor i get into all that best exsplain me :)
i live in a small village right out in the sticks. most people would hate it but i bludy love it. SPACE lol.
anyways i dont go to college as ur probly thinking. no instead i got myself a job when i left school and got myself 2 nvqs in animal care :) then went onto working in a pet shop in the small animal section moving my way up to the exsotic animal section where iam now head of the aquatics department and gained myself an advanced diploma in fish biology.
i go to the gym almost everynight and have the weekends off from it. i do mostly cardio but also like to do yoga or body balance as my gym calls it. along with circit training and body pump.
i guess ive got it lucky as my boyfriend motivates me and we eat realy healthy a lot ov fish, carbs, nuts, seeds and fruit. but no im not a fitness freak i dont think my bodies a temple. i just like the fealing of being healthy. iam also an insulin dependent diabetic so this helps control my glucose levels to :). but my life isnt all about fitness. i love being with my boyfriend who ive been with 19 months now. and looove being with my best mate amy shes my angel. i dont drink cus i think it ruins good moments ( id rather remember the nights thanks). i love playing on the wii fit :), getting my hair done, spending most of my wages on itunes for my pod. life wouldnt be the same without a little rhythem xLaughing

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