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42 Years, Male,

Living in Netherlands, Zuid-Holland

I speak: English

Online: +2 Weeks Ago

I am:


I practice:

Strength training, Other


For fun, For exercise guidance

Places I exercise:


Training for:

For fun, For health, To be fit, To gain weight


I seek people who are:

Mental Coach, Bodybuilder

Who practice:



For fun, For inspiration, For Nutritional Advise, For friendship


from 29 to 35



  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Children: None

About me

I was lost, i didn't train and forgot about my dieet i had to found my strenght , no i have it back 2 morow i start again, there is no blog here so then evry month i put my progress here :

statics body: 19% body fat, 75,5 kg, 182 cm 8 ,august 2008

target afther summer 10 % bodyfat, 75 kg gain some muscle

  • 8 august 2008 : I start with my new program , uperbody and lowerbody trainingsprogram 4 days a week 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off
  • upperbody: chest, triceps, biceps, back,shoulders / lowerboy: legs, back,abs
  • excersises basics deadlift once a week ,squat once a week, benchpress 2 times a week
  • on the off days i do my cardio interval training i start with 2 minutes jog and 1 minute sprint 4 times 5 min warmup and 5 minutes cool down

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