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There are many advantages connected with being in control of the daily food intake. Regardless of whether you wish to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a given weight, it is necessary to ensure that you consume the proper amount of calories in relation to you goal.

Additionally, there are health related advantages in being aware of your daily food intake; whether it is optimal in relation to amount, nutritional content and nutritional distribution or not. This is important in order to find out whether your diet is sufficiently varied and if you e.g. take in too few proteins or carbohydrates. Furthermore, it is also important to focus on consuming a sufficient number of calories if you want to perform hard exercise or competitive sports.

Seek4fitness.net has developed a user-friendly system for registration of diet, a sort of diet log. The nutrition program is developed on the basis of data from the food database of Foodcomp, which contains more than 1000 different types of food with appurtenant nutritional data.

The system is simple and makes it easy for you to create your own personal ”Meal log”, where you can add your daily meals and food intake. This provides you with a good overview of your calorie intake and nutritional distribution (the balance between respectively carbohydrates, proteins and fat content) in the different meals.

The nutrition program provides you with the opportunity of entering your goal in relation to calorie intake – ”Target calories” – i.e. the number of calories that you aim to take in per day. In this way, it is easy to target and watch your personal nutritional intake. You can of course receive guidance in connection with setting the target calories if needed.

If you lack an outline of how many calories you need to take in every day in order to e.g. achieve a given weight loss, you can use our ”energy calculator” profitably to calculate your daily need of energy.

The energy calculator is intended as a good and quick help in estimating your daily need of energy. However, notice that all humans are very different both biologically and physiologically, and there can be several factors with significance for the daily need of energy. Unfortunately, the energy calculator cannot always take these differences into account – but it provides you with a good estimate that is suitable for most people.

The energy calculator is based on the formula of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is used to calculate the basic metabolism on the basis of gender and age. As a rule, the basic metabolism, which comprises, inter alia, the body’s maintenance of skin, hair, nails, stable body temperature, inner organs, degradation and regeneration of muscle mass etc., is the most energy consuming factor in the body. Naturally, physical activity has also some importance to the need of energy. For this reason, physical activity is measured in relation to a so-called PAL-factor (Physical Activity Level). When you use the energy calculator, it is important to answer as realistic and precise as possible in relation to weight and activity level, in order to receive the most correct calculation.

Depending on your individual activity level, the energy calculator relates the value of the basic metabolism to this PAL-factor. The results of the calculation provide you with an estimate of your daily need of calories, in order to maintain your current weight.

On the basis of these facts, you can choose whether you want to add or subtract calories, i.e. if you want to lose or gain weight. As a rule of thumb, it is said that if you wish to lose approx. 0.5 kilos a week, your daily calorie intake must be approx. 500 calories less than the result of the energy calculator. If you wish to gain weight, you must ensure to take in more calories than the result of the personal energy calculation. If you for instance perform serious weightlifting and wish to gain weight, primarily in shape of increased muscle growth, it is recommended to take in approx. 500 calories more than the estimated daily need of energy.

Everyone can use Seek4fitness.net’s nutrition program, both private individuals and professionals. Diet advisors, nutrition therapists and health coaches can use Seek4fitness.net’s nutrition program profitably, in connection with preparation of diet plans to their clients.

Information on diet recommendation, nutritional distribution etc. can be found by searching in the article archive here on the site.

Furthermore, you can find diet recommendations and instructions on the websites of the individual nationalities’ National Board of Health, e.g. www.altomkost.dk .

Please notice that the nutrition program of Seek4fitness.net is a tool and a suggestion of a way to structure your daily food intake. The program is thus in no way an answer book to how you should control your food intake. All directions in connection to the nutrition program are intended as inspiration and suggestions to registration of diet. All use of the nutrition program and data is at the user’s own risk.

Enjoy the program!

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