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Butterfly Amicus 1000+ Table Tennis Robot

Product number: 1669659799
Butterfly Amicus 1000+ Table Tennis Robot
1,299.99 GBP
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A simplified version of the Amicus 3000+, the 1000+ still offers a superb amount of features and will make a great training partner for all table tennis players due to its flexibility, sturdiness and ball spinning capabilities.* The ball projection angle is to be set manually with a large hand wheel at the robot's head* Large and easy to fix ball collecting net* Uncomplex control unit for easy handling* Projection of max. 80 balls/minute* Top spin, back spin, side spin and non spin balls can be easily programmed* Integrated remote control* The ball projection is controlled electronically so that it bounces at the same distance from the end line both at the middle and two sides* For easy transport, AMICUS 1000 PLUS has wheels at the bottom* Balls are automatically fed into the pipe by two springs for smooth transportation upwards* Six different ball placements can be programmed* Ball tube is adjustable in 4 different heights (altogether 16cm difference) to alter ball projection angle* The robot is able to recover itself from ball jams inside the tube* In addition to existing "Random" function, "Circle random" offers a projection of repeated balls within a spread of about 30 centimeters* In addition available: holder and extension cable
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