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Butterfly Amicus 3000+ Table Tennis Robot

Product number: 5964787138
Butterfly Amicus 3000+ Table Tennis Robot
1,999.99 GBP
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The Amicus 3000+ is a high-quality table tennis robot that possesses all the features needed for the highest level of player as well as being suitable for all other levels.Features: * Topspin, underspin, no-spin and side-spin balls * Independent control of spin, speed and distance * Delivery of balls to various positions on table including long and short balls * Delivery up to 100 balls/min * Patterns of any of the above ball types * 99 pattern setups can be saved in memory * Play/Pause timer (up to 10 min. for play, 2 min. for pause) * The Amicus automatically recycles balls that are captured in the net allowing for continous play * "Serve & play"-mode: Amicus delivers a serve then continues with a pattern * The Amicus can be used with 38 or 40 mm balls * The Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) which takes into consideration that the previously projected ball was fast or slow, backspin or topspin and depending on that "simulating a real game" shoots the next ball faster or slower for the real time experience * Adjustable neck that lets you shoot balls from different trajectories In addition available: frame, holder and extension cable
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