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Butterfly Practice Partner 30 Table Tennis Robot

Product number: 9471407018
Butterfly Practice Partner 30 Table Tennis Robot
649.99 GBP
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The Butterfly Practice Partner 30 Table Tennis Robot is a high quality versatile robot that is ideal for use at home, schools or clubs. The design of this robot makes it simple to use whilst still providing heaps of variety and benefits. Produces topspin, backspin and sidespin with up to 8 different spin variations providing a full range of techniques to practice on boosting your skills every time you practice. Features and easy to use control box and a ball feeding unit made from alloy with resistant rubber that stabilises the ball direction. Capable of speeds of 30-90 balls per minute and placing balls to one point and to alternate parts of the full table. Stand with 4 wheels makes this robot easy to move around and it has 10cm adjustable height and includes collector net.Weight: 11kg Size: 31.5 x 21.5 x 58.5cmPacked Weight: 21.2kgBoxed Size: 81 x 42 x 48.5cm
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