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Calcium & Vitamin D - 360 Tablets

Product number: 1481409253
Calcium & Vitamin D - 360 Tablets
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Calcium and Vitamin D are both vital nutrients for bone health. Over 90% of the calcium in our body is stored in our bones and teeth and all of this calcium has to come from our diet. Many people have a diet lacking in calcium rich foods or simply have difficulty absorbing calcium from food and could benefit from supplementation with Calcium and Vitamin D. We’ve combined Calcium with Vitamin D (often known as the ‘bone vitamin’), as it plays a vital role in helping the body absorb calcium from the diet.We listen to our customers opinions and many of you wished for Calcium & Vitamin D to return to its previous form, making it suitable for vegetarians. As such, we have returned to the smaller, vegetarian tablets meaning more of you can benefit from this excellent supplement.
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