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Centella & Ginkgo Complex (Ringaid) - 120 Capsules

Product number: 6599764415
Centella & Ginkgo Complex (Ringaid) - 120 Capsules
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If you suffer from ringing, buzzing and/or humming (Tinnitus)in one or both ears then RingAid™ may be for you.RingAid™ is a specialist formulation containing herbs, vitamins and minerals to help maintain the health of the inner ear and for helping with the treatment of tinnitus.It includes Ginkgo Biloba Extract (120mg) which can help boost circulation; Centella Asiatica Extract (100mg) to aid capillary wall flexibility; Zinc (7.5mg) found in high concentrations in the ear; and Vitamin B12 (50mcg) as it has been discovered that sufferers of discomfort due to continued background noise are often deficient in this vital vitamin.
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