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Co Q10 100Mg - 60 Capsules

Product number: 4085914239
Co Q10 100Mg - 60 Capsules
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An essential nutrient present in all living cells, CoQ10 is vital for converting food into energy in a manner that the body can most efficiently utilise it. Decreased eyesight, hearing and memory are all common, well-known problems that can occur as we age, but you’ll probably not find yourself discussing ‘decreased Co Q10 levels’ and its problems over Sunday lunch! However, the decline in levels of this potent antioxidant can have a huge impact on our general health and well-being – particularly as we age. Our new Co Q10 100mg can now be found in a high-tech gelatine-free capsule and is therefore now suitable for vegetarians.*Read more about the Great High Street Rip Off.
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