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Cornilleau Accessory Set

Product number: 8575184870
Cornilleau Accessory Set
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A set that includes four Sport 200 bats, a PVC table cover and a box of six Expert Orange balls. Brilliant for schools, youth clubs or the home.The Sport 200 is a leisure bat. It is perfect for learning the first moves of table tennis whilst maintaining good precision and control. Not massive amounts of speed or spin, but masses of control, making it perfect for beginners.Bat features:*PVC Cover*Blade: Nordic plywood soft 5mm*Sponge: 1.5mm*Rubber: ITTF 1 star*Black/red rubber covering*Handle: concave for a comfortable gripThe PVC table cover has been designed to protect the table against dust and dirt so that it is always ready for use. It features a fastener system so that it won't blow away if the wind picks up. The depth of the cover is 850mm at the bottom and 250mm at the top so it fits the table securely, it also fits all Cornilleau tables.The balls included are competition standard.Set includes:*Sport 200 Bats x 4*Expert Orange Balls x 6*PVC table Cover
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